Hotel FAQ

How far away is the 21c Museum Hotel from The Westin Cincinnati?

The Westin Cincinnati is located only two blocks away, a short walk from the 21c Hotel.

Where is the location of the EO XCentric meeting site?

Meetings for the EO XCentric group will be held at The Westin Cincinnati, located at 21 E. 5th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

Where should I book my room for the EO XCentric conference?

If you would like to be close to the EO XCentric activities and meetings, we recommend you stay at the Westin Cincinnati. If you would like to stay at a unique boutique hotel, you should stay at The 21c Museum Hotel. Space is limited and rooms may not be available to accommodate everyone in your party at the 21c Hotel. EO XCentric group may book reservations at The Westin Cincinnati if rooms are no longer available at the 21c Museum Hotel. Both hotels are great options for your stay.

How do I reserve my room for the EO XCentric conference?

You may book your room here by clicking on either of our locations, 21c Museum Hotel or The Westin Cincinnati.