EO XCentric Cincinnati 2022
Connect with your story
September 19-21, 2022

Join your fellow EO members in Cincinnati on September 19-21, 2022 to connect with your story and other entrepreneurs through once in a lifetime experiences. Expect the unexpected with plot twists and surprising speakers who will lead you to uncover the brilliance in your next storyline.


Everyone has a story that has brought them to this point. We tell ourselves stories to make sense of our lives, the world around us and why we’ve become entrepreneurs. But are our stories compelling us forward or holding us back? How do we tell our story to the public? At EO XCentric 2022, we’ll hear stories of failures, successes and inspiration.

The hero of this conference is you: Take advantage of the expert guidance of our speakers and camaraderie of your network to write a compelling narrative that inspires others and connects you back to why you became an entrepreneur. You’ll take an active role, not just listen to hot-shot speakers who are only famous for being famous.

Explore our growing schedule as it evolves. Check back often for our latest exciting updates as our story unfolds…


Sure, the Bengals’ Cinderella run to the Super Bowl made Cincinnati famous this year, but the Queen City has more than a football team to be proud of. Cincinnati shines with innovation hubs, world-class branding centers and the award-winning revitalization of our inner city and riverfront. You’ll find new delights around every corner; after all, Food & Wine magazine just named Cincinnati one of America’s Next Great Food Cities.

Learn more about Cincinnati happenings and experiencing Cincinnati


From craft beer pubs to bourbon-infused locations, we’ll be adding a full lineup of events to let you refresh and mingle with fellow EO members.



Break out in to smaller groups for a more intimate and in-depth learning experience to enhance your EO Xcentric adventure to connect with your story.


Connect With Your Story Because of EO

Hear stories from your EO peers about their transformational XCentric moments. Dig in to your story with insights from world-class speakers. Grow your story with valuable connections. Add excitement to your story with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Don’t miss your opportunity to connect with your story this September (with the help of 500 of your closest friends).

For questions, please email eoxcentric@eonetwork.org.


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