Live your Legacy

XCentric is the Central Region’s annual multi-day learning event designed to help members learn and grow as business leaders. You will be surrounded by entrepreneurs of all stages, listen to world-renowned business leaders on a variety of topics, and participate in once-in-a-lifetime social activities.

New members are eligible for the $500 New Member Rebate. Please apply the voucher prior to payment to receive an immediate discount!

Legacy by Design

Live your legacy by design—not default. Live who you are and the purpose you pursue by joining your fellow entrepreneurs at EO XCentric for incredible learning and once-in-a-lifetime social activities. And what better place to hold it than Dallas, Texas — the city with a rapidly growing entrepreneurial climate and major brands moving their headquarters to the city.

Bring your brilliance

EO XCentric is 2 days of turning legacy on its head—delivered through special speakers and interactive learning forums—where you’ll find your “why”, take part in creating your meaning & purpose, develop high-performance habits, and live your promise every day.

98% of people don’t think about what they want their legacy to be, but it’s created every day, in every action and interaction.

  • Day One – Defining Your Legacy

Participate in ways to define your legacy, to articulate what you stand for and what’s most important for your business & the people working in it.

  • Day Two – Living Your Legacy

Learn how to live your legacy on a day-to-day basis and how you can contribute to making the lives of others better every day.

Expect EXCentric

From inspiring art to radical socializing venues to insightful speakers and so much more, EO XCentric 2019 is the event that delivers a whole new way to define, plan, & live your legacy today.